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How ZMathReverseXML™ WorksXML Based Reverse Mortgage Calculator

ZMathReverseXML™ gives users online access to Math Corporation's ZMath®Reverse Engine, an industry-proven reverse mortgage calculation component. Through ZMathReverseXML™, lenders, mortgage brokers, and bankers can post an XML stream to Math Corporation's secure server and instantaneously receive complex reverse mortgage calculations.

XML Technology
ZMathReverseXML™ is based on the Representative State Transfer (REST) architecture and utilizes simple XML technology. Utilizing XML Post technology ensures that ZMathReverseXML™ easily functions within with any software architecture.

Post • Calculate • Return
It couldn't be simpler to use ZMathReverseXML™. Users simply post an XML stream to Math Corporation's secure server and instantaneously receive an XML response.

Product SupportXML Based Reverse Mortgage Calculator
Don't worry. Math Corporation is committed to ZMathReverseXML™'s ease of use. We back our products with personal service to help you on your way to gaining instantaneous reverse mortgage calculations!

If you're looking for industry-leading reverse mortgage calculation software that will seamlessly integrate with your current system, purchase ZMathReverseXML™ today!

To access ZMathReverseXML™, simply follow the "Purchase" link below. Enter your estimated monthly transactions and add the ZMathReverseXML™ to the shopping cart. As you complete the checkout process, you will be asked to establish an account on our Web site. No payment or credit card information will be needed.

Once your account is approved (please allow up to 72 hours), you can download HTML documents, including schema information, detailed documentation and sample code, and receive instantaneous calculations in response.

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