Different Loan Types

Calculations for a Variety of Different Loan Types

ZMath® handles all loan types and all variants of credit and mortgage insurance. The loan calculation software produces complete Truth in Lending Good Faith Estimates and 1/6 Aggregate Escrow Disclosures!

Different Loan Types:   Basic Loans
Regular level amortization
• Balloon payments 
Skipped payments
• Accelerated weekly/bi-weekly
loan calculation software• Single Payment Loans
• Interest only loan
Random rate loan
• Single or multiple payment streams
• Highly irregular payment streams
• Simple, add-on or discount interest.        
• Constant payment to principal loan (Plus interest)   
• Different loan types where principal and interest are amortized separately

Different Loan Types:   Business Loans
Draw notes
• Up to 15 Draw-down streams and choice of  repayment methods using either a Regular Installment loan or a Constant Payment to Principal loan.  

Different Loan Types:   Multiple payment stream loans
• Up to 15 input streams are allowed

- You design your own plan, mixing and matching rate, payment frequencies, balloons, interest only, principal only for  up to 15 payment streams. This is one of the most powerful tools in the world available to power lenders.

Different Loan Types:   Real Estate Loans
(ARMs) Adjustable/renegotiable rate loans 
• Growing equity loans (GEMs)
Buy-downs: Permanent (one-time) or multiple
• Interest Only Period / Repayment (Level Payment and Adjustable Rate)
• Payment Option ARMs
• Refinance and Forbearance

Different Loan Types:   Construction Loans
• Choose between construction only and Construction/Permanent
• Choose to have separate or combined disclosures

Mortgage insurance
• PMI, VA or FHA
1/6 Aggregate escrow calculations   Ordinarily this is a complicated job.   With ZMath, you make a few simple entries and everything is done for you, including the trial balances.

Different Loan Types:   Consumer Loans
Credit life insurance
• Accident & health insurance
• Special consumer installment loan functions for different loan types

Additional Features and Calculations
• All date arithmetic
• All of the "Fed" calendars including the Year 2000 transition
Calendar control
All bases
Odd interest adjustment

Documentation Output
• Amortization schedules - Every loan type that can have a schedule, does.
• Disclosures
Federal Reserve boxes information
• Input for forms generation
Capture engine output in XML format