desktop lending softwareZMath® Desktop Lending Software

This proven desktop lending software blends the reliability of the ZMath® Engine with a simple to use Graphical User Interface (GUI).    The ZMath® Desktop lending software performs all possible loan calculations – just like the ZMath® Calculation Engine – but comes in the form of a downloadable (or CD-deliverable) desktop software application with an intuitive user interface.   Designed by lenders, ZMath® Desktop lending software is designed for lenders who do not write their own software.

desktop lending softwareZMath® Desktop Lending Software Calculation Performance

ZMath® Desktop delivers compliance calculations, loan disclosures, mortgage calculations, Truth in Lending calculations, adjustable rate mortgage payments, private mortgage insurance payments, auto loan calculations and more … Every calculation complies with the Federal Truth in Lending Act (Reg. Z) and RESPA (Reg. X) – ensuring accuracy according to the law. Moreover, ZMath® Desktop lending software solves FHA and VA loans effortlessly.

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