Loan Calculator Components

Component-based calculation software for consumer, commercial, and mortgage Loans

Mortgage Loan Calculators Math Corporation offers two proven consumer, commercial and mortgage loan calculator software components – The ZMath® Engine and ZMathReverse®. All of our components integrate seamlessly with any software or hardware platform.

ZMath® Engine

ZMath Engine Loan Calculators The ZMath® Engine, which solves all loan calculation types, is supplied as a component that is embedded into your system – giving it new calculation functionality. ZMath® Engine is invisible and operates with any software application to deliver unmatched accuracy and performance.

The industry-leading ZMath® Engine loan calculator component – used by financial/lending organizations and software development companies – ensures compliance with Regulation Z, Regulation X (RESPA), and all practices and laws within the lending industry.

Loan Calculation SoftwareZMath® Calculation Engine Performance

The ZMath® Engine loan calculation component performs all lending calculations required to structure, originate, and disclose any loan, such as:

ZMath® Engine consumer, commercial and mortgage loan calculator software delivers any needed loan calculation accurately and quickly. It also serves as a quick mortgage payment calculator or adjustable rate mortgage payment calculator!

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ZMath Elements ZMath®Elements™ offers several single-task loan calculator components engineered to help website developers, software development companies, and lending institutions fill gaps or add new functionality to their existing financial calculation systems to fulfill specific needs. In other words, ZMath®Elements components are dedicated to individual tasks, such as calculating the figures required for HUD Good Faith Estimates, Annual Percentage Rate (APR) calculations, or Amortization Schedules.

While each of the ZMath®Elements™ loan calculator components is directly derived from the comprehensive ZMath®Engine, each ZMath®Elements™ component operates externally by quickly and accurately processing calculations from a user’s prescribed data. ZMath®Elements™ comes as a result of leveraging the entire ZMath®Engine into smaller, task-dedicated calculation components.

ZMath®Elements™ offers several individual financial calculation components, which are great for establishing Web-based calculations or filling functionality gaps within an existing system. Simply select from the ZMath®Elements™ calculation components listed below. Or, if you do not see what you need specifically listed, contact us and let us know. There is a good chance we have a component that will fit your needs.

ZMath®Elements™ Components for Single-task Calculations:

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ZMathReverse® Engine

ZMath Reverse logo - Math Corp ZMathReverse® nestles into any system's software or hardware architecture to allow reverse mortgage originators, lawyers, software development companies, and financial planners to calculate reverse mortgages. ZMathReverse® instantaneously calculates the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) and Fannie Mae's Home Keeper Mortgage SM. It can also be customized to calculate private-label reverse mortgage offerings.

All calculations comply with the Federal Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z) and include the Total Annual Loan Cost (TALC) numbers and table.

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dd Math® Engine

DD Math logo - Math CorpThe dd Math® Engine is a full-featured savings calculation component that outputs information in compliance with the Federal Truth in Savings Act (Regulation DD), including the Annual Percentage Yield (APY). It is a component that calculates all standard savings calculations and integrates into the owner's overall software architecture. It is invisible and operates within any software or hardware platform to deliver unmatched accuracy and performance.

Functions include:
Loan Calculation Software

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