loan calculation softwareAbout Math Corporation

The mortgage and lending industry has known about Math Corporation for more than 30 years. At Math Corporation, we research and engineer mortgage, lending, deposits and time-value-of-money calculation products to fit a variety of unique needs. Our products are in use at mortgage and lending institutions, banks, consulting companies and software development organizations across the nation. Established in 1982, Math Corporation blends quality customer service and unparalleled industry knowledge with calculation product solutions designed to streamline efficiency and save time.

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About Math Corporation History
Our clients feel good knowing about Math Corporation’s rich and stable history. At the start of the personal computer revolution, before email and the Internet, Math Corporation led the charge to develop automated loan analysis solutions. The company has delivered loan calculation platforms and engines, and audited other lenders' systems for 30 years in order to continually enhance Math Corporation products with new technologies and data.

Since 1982, the industry has known about Math Corporation solutions.

truth in lendingAbout Math Corporation Products
New customers often ask us about Math Corporation products and solutions. In a nutshell, we design and deliver sophisticated loan and savings calculation products for the lending, banking, finance, and software industries. Every product perfectly complies with the demanding applicable requirements of the Federal Truth in Lending Act (Reg. Z), the Federal Truth in Savings Act (Reg. DD) and RESPA (Reg. X). Our products - designed as Web, component and desktop systems - work independently or as part of a user's unique software or hardware platform, depending on the specific needs of our clients. Math Corporation strives to provide the industry's most proven and advanced loan and savings calculation technologies backed by world-class support.

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About Math Corporation Service
At Math Corporation, we partner with you to ensure the delivery of unrivaled support according to your unique needs. Our clients trust in, and know about Math Corporation’s customer-focused commitment. It’s what sets us apart!

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About Math Corporation Leadership
President and Chairman of the Board Michael Shohoney helped grow Math Corporation alongside founder Gerald Grout. Shohoney, who is an expert on loan calculations, banking regulations, their pragmatic interpretations, and their implementation, specializes in the development and deployment of Math Corporation engines, desktop systems and Web-based products. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Shohoney strives to grow the company based on the needs of its clients. To this day, he personally supervises the installation of all Math Corporation loan and savings calculation engines. No wonder, the industry has come to know about Math Corporation.

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