Reverse Mortgage Calculator - ZMathReverse®

What is ZMathReverse® ?

ZMathReverse® is supplied as a reverse mortgage calculator component, a small binary program designed to easily operate with other components and software applications.   As such, the ZMathReverse® reverse mortgage calculator is deliverable to any hardware or software platform. Often, the reverse mortgage calculator is used by businesses that write their own code, but don't have the financial resources and time to invest in writing and maintaining their own reverse mortgage routines.

ZMathReverse® simply drops into the owner's software application.   When called to perform, the reverse mortgage calculator outputs desired calculations accurately and seamlessly.

ZMathReverse® Performance loan calculation software

ZMathReverse® delivers:

  • Private-Label Reverse Mortgage Calculator
  • HUD Home Equity Conversion Mortgages
  • Fannie Mae Home Keeper® Mortgages
  • Truth in Lending (Regulation Z) Compliant
  • Total Annual Loan Costs (TALC)
  • Total Annual Loan (TALC) Tables

Integration of ZMathReverse®: Simple & Fast

It couldn't be easier to integrate ZMathReverse® into your software or hardware platform because we customize each reverse mortgage calculator engine to perfectly fit your application. You simply “drop” ZMathReverse® engine into your project, pass it data and the reverse mortgage calculator responds with the correct calculations every time. Since the reverse mortgage calculator is self-contained, no data ever leaves your own computers – offering security and peace of mind.

Proven & Continuously Improved

ZMathReverse® was developed as an offshoot of the comprehensive ZMath® Engine, which holds a longstanding, successful and flawless track record within the lending industry. The ZMath® Engine performs all loan calculations, the dd Math® Engine delivers all savings calculations, and ZMathReverse® serves as a reverse mortgage calculator.

Continuously improved and maintained to include the latest technology and comply with changing regulatory requirements, ZMathReverse® reverse mortgage calculator is guaranteed and ensures calculations comply with Regulation Z. .


Users of ZMathReverse® are free from hassles associated with changing regulatory laws, including Regulation Z. Users can feel secure knowing our reverse mortgage calculator is thorough and accurate according to the law!

  • loan calculation software Automatic Quality Control
  • Proof of owner's due diligence
  • Quick, nearly instantaneous calculation output

Cost Savings

ZMathReverse® involved years of development and testing, and the reverse mortgage calculator came to be as a result of considerable client urging. To match this effort in-house, companies would require a massive manpower and financial investment, liability, years of development and testing, and continual maintenance. Companies save time and money with the ZMathReverse® reverse mortgage calculator – proven, accurate and continuously enhanced.

  • Saves companies time and money developing their own reverse mortgage calculators
  • Math Corporation continuously upgrades and improves the ZMathReverse®
  • Math Corporation handles Truth in Lending compliance updates
  • Eliminates custom development time and saves manpower hours
  • Upfront pricing – Clients know the cost of the reverse mortgage calculator right away
  • Pricing flexibility/economic alignment

Marketing Benefits

Often, software companies embed ZMathReverse® as an invisible reverse mortgage calculator component in their own software, which they later sell to the end user. That way, software development companies using ZMathReverse® reverse mortgage calculator are assured accurate calculation results every time.

Why Math Corporation?

  • More than 25 years experience
  • Expertise in Federal Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z)
  • Exceptional engineering support and industry expertise
  • Leading-edge calculation capabilities
  • Unmatched personal service and support

Client Input Molds Continual Improvement

At Math Corporation, we infuse our clients’ feedback into our products to enhance their functionality and performance. In doing so, we gather client ideas from multiple markets. Our clients deliver innovative ideas that benefit all Math Corporation clients!

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