Financial Banking Software

ddMath® Desktop Financial Banking Software

Customers who require complex savings and deposits calculations in the form of a stand-alone financial banking software product rely on ddMath® Desktop.    The proven financial banking software is a deposits calculation package derived from the ddMath® Engine.    It is specifically designed for bankers who need the savings and deposits calculation capabilities of financial banking software but who are not going to write their own software system.   And of course, the ddMath® Desktop – the financial banking software – couldn't be easier to install and navigate.

ddMath® Desktop Financial Banking Software License Fees

ddMath® Desktop financial banking software is available via a single-user license.    This one-time fee also includes six months of software maintenance and support. Thereafter, the optional maintenance is billed annually.

Since the ddMath® Desktop Financial Banking Software is continually updated and improved, regular maintenance ensures clients have the most updated version of the software.    The financial banking software is improved to comply with changing Truth in Savings regulations and to ensure user interface technology is current.

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