Math Corporation Testimonials

At Math Corporation, we partner with clients to provide quality loan calculation solutions to meet specific needs. It’s no wonder we enjoy many Math Corporation testimonials.

Discover more about us from our clients and the Math Corporation testimonials listed below. We are proud to share these Math Corporation testimonials as acknowledgements by clients of jobs well done.

Software Development & Information Technology Math Corporation Testimonials
Cybertek Corporation (Math Corporation Testimonials)
“As a software developer, I am constantly exposed to a variety of third-party vendors and a wide variation in customer support levels. Your support has been unparalleled. In several examples we received same-day turnaround on enhancements and upgrades.”

Associates Information Services (Math Corporation Testimonials)
“. . . Math Corporation staff participated in every facet of the project with us. They were active members of the requirements gathering activities; contributed to the layered design; and had design, code, and test responsibilities for the calculation engine, the innermost layer of the architecture. The project met all of our objectives.”

Lending & Mortgage Math Corporation Testimonials
Entyre Mortgage Solutions
(Math Corporation Testimonials)
“It is a pleasure to work with an organization that obviously places great emphasis on customer service. Every time that we have had any sort of hiccup or issue, you have been there to help us work it out. Equally impressive has been your quality. When you send us software, it works right the first time. I think we all wish that were the norm, but the fact is that the top-notch quality you provide is a rarity.”

Norwest Banks (Math Corporation Testimonials)
“. . . The task of developing a PC-based loan document system suitable for use with employee benefit plans undoubtedly presented a number of rather unique challenges, but they proved to be no match for your creativity and your comprehensive knowledge of banking mathematics and technology. We were very impressed with the priority your company places on customer service.

NationsBank (Math Corporation Testimonials)
“Working with Math Corp's Michael Shohoney on this project was a blessing. Despite the enormity of this project, we received the first version of the engine in about a month and revisions were nearly instantaneous. The engine, now in production, is swift and accurate.”

Crestar Bank (Math Corporation Testimonials)
“. . . All our people working on the project (both technical and users) have said your product was easy to install, met our expectations, and has tested very well so far. We also appreciate the support from you and your staff.”
Fleet Mortgage Group (Math Corporation Testimonials)
“. . . I did want to thank you and your staff for all of the efforts and quality work that has been provided. Clearly your work on the aggregate and Truth-in-Lending calculations was a key factor in completing our deliverables on schedule.”

Banc One Mortgage Corporation (Math Corporation Testimonials)
“. . .You have easily been the best vendor that we have worked with over the past 3 years in terms of ongoing support and on-time delivery.” . . . . I have no hesitation in providing you with my highest recommendation.”

First Chicago NBD (Math Corporation Testimonials)
“. . . The bottom line is that the engine is now performing all of our calculations for our loans processing in Illinois and we are very pleased with its performance.”

Consulting Math Corporation Testimonials
Anderson Consulting (Math Corporation Testimonials)
“ . . . your product has proven to be fully functional and robust. Your industry expertise has also been invaluable.”

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