2/22/2010 - Math Corp releases new ZMath®Elements™

Math Corporation

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Green Lake, WI 54941 

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February 22, 2010

Math Corp releases new ZMath®Elements™

single-task calculation components 

      Green Lake, Wis. – Math Corp. recently unleashed ZMath®Elements™ – a product offering several financial calculation components that deliver single-task calculations. ZMath®Elements™ components are engineered to help Web site developers, software development companies and lending institutions fill holes within their existing financial calculation systems, or add new functionality.

      “ZMath®Elements™ components perform the calculations necessary to fulfill specific needs,” said Math Corp. President Michael Shohoney. “Each component is dedicated to an individual task, such as calculating figures for Annual Percentage Rate (APR), the new HUD Good Faith Estimates or Amortization Schedules,” he added. “The components are also perfect for delivering Web-based calculations, quickly and accurately.”

      ZMath®Elements™ components are directly derived from Math Corp’s flagship ZMath®Engine, a proven and comprehensive loan calculation component in use for more than 18 years. Yet, ZMath®Elements™ components operate externally by quickly and accurately processing calculations from a user’s prescribed data.

      “ZMath®Elements™ comes as a result of leveraging the entire ZMath®Engine into smaller, task-dedicated calculation components,” said Shohoney. “That way, users can select and use the exact component they need most, without getting and paying for functionality they don’t require.”

      The new ZMath®Elements™ components are available to calculate Annual Percentage Rate (APR), amortization schedules, interest accruals, payment amounts, one-sixth aggregate escrow disclosure information, mortgage affordability, the new HUD GFE disclosure data, and Total Annual Loan Cost (TALC) for reverse mortgages, among others.

      To discover more about ZMath®Elements™, visit www.mathcorp.com or call 920-294-0180. Established in 1982, Math Corp. delivers technologically advanced software products to seamlessly and accurately perform a number of complex loan, savings and deposit calculations. Math Corp. products are backed by unmatched personal service and support and available in Web-, desktop- and component-based formats.