Compound to Fill the Void?

by Michael Shohoney April 1, 2010 06:37

In basic chemistry, we learn that two or more elements combine to form a compound.  Those compounds (along with the elements that form them) form our world.

Let's consider your systems and compliance needs.  Are there voids in those systems?  Be honest.  If you're like most in the industry, there have to be some holes that need to be filled.  Well, we have the solutions to your problems.  Let's take an example.  Do you have issues with the HUD requirements (i.e. the new disclosures, the GFE, the HUD 1 and 1A, closing docs, etc.)?  If you take two of the ZMathElements, you form your very own ZMathCompound.  Take the ZMathElements, ZMathGFE and ZMathAggEscrow and you have a compound that will plug any void that HUD requirements throws your system.  And, you can have the solution implemented virtually overnight.

How about another example?  Let's say you want to offer loan scenarios on your web site.  As a part of that, you want to calculate a payment amount and an APR.  Should you write your own?  Should you try to shoe horn your current system information into it?  No way!  We have ZMathElements that would work nicely for just that sort of thing.

The lesson is, why struggle with issues that can easily be addressed by an Element or Compound.  Contact us and let us help formulate your solution.