Don't Want to Implement a Component but want the ZMath Engine?

by Michael Shohoney January 29, 2009 10:55

From time to time, we find customers that for one reason or another do not want to implement a component into their system but would still like to leverage the prowess of the ZMath Engine.  Well, for people like that we've got a new method of access; a RESTful web service.  What is a RESTful web service?  (I too had to ask when our programmers suggested it as a new access method.)  REST stands for representation state transfer.  In essence, what we have is the complete, fully operational ZMath Engine accessible via our domain through an XML (extensible markup language) feed.

To access this version of the engine, you request it from our order page by clicking on ZMathEngineXML.  You estimate the number of transactions you would require per month and we return to you a Software Use Agreement.  Once we receive the accepted form in return, we supply an XML schema along with your user name and password.  You then set up your application to go to the URL for ZMathEngineXML and feed the XML stream.  The ZMath Engine picks up that stream, runs your transaction and returns an XML stream that contains all of your results.  Viola!  You've accessed the ZMath Engine component with very little commitment from you.  The beauty of this is that many progamming shops can access the engine in literally minutes once the schema is delivered.

 This service isn't designed to address everyone's needs.  Many installations will still opt to take possession of a component and host it locally.  However, for those that are trying to quickly, with very little hassle (i.e. contract negotiation, technical spec'ing, etc.), very little commitment and very little programming work access the power of the ZMath Engine, the RESTful web service, ZMathEngineXML, is the ideal solution.

If you have any questions about this exciting new development, please feel free to contact us.