Component Technology; The Answer to your Problems?

by Michael Shohoney January 19, 2009 10:46

Component technology is a hot issue in the software development world.  Components allow software developers to add capabilities to their systems without developing the technology themselves.  They are able to concentrate their efforts on what they do best and leverage the expertise of others to help make their application the best it can be.  It’s the old “why reinvent the wheel” philosophy.


Here at Math Corporation, we’ve always believed in the use component technology.  From the very beginning, we offered the facility to move our formulae into your software.  This started with our very early versions of ZMath® that were written using Lotus® 1-2-3®.  Once the technology became available whereby components could be easily incorporated into development efforts, we wrote our loan calculation engine.


We wrote the ZMath Loan Calculation Engine using ANSI-compliant C so that we could deliver the software on virtually any hardware and software platform.  The working theory was use the same core code set and merely change the interface function to deliver it to any platform.  That working theory has proven itself to be quite true as we’ve delivered ZMath on everything from DOS (yes, way back then) to a System/390 mainframe using the exact same code from one platform to another.  We have covered it all, including Java, .NET, Unix, AS/400, etc., etc.  This platform-independency assures our customers the ultimate in portability and homogeneity.  Imagine having the exact same results across all platforms in your lending systems.  Total agreement in all numbers!


The other benefit of component technology is shelf life.  Since the subject matter of the component (in this case, calculations) is something that needs to be addressed regardless of the system interface, as your systems change (same, different or multiple platforms), you can implement the ZMath Engine going forward.  That is, as you change systems, you need not change the source of your calculations; a one-time license for a lifetime solution.  Leave the technological, regulatory and practices and traditions updates to us.  No worries from here on in.


As you can see, component technology, especially when it comes to lending calculations, Regulation Z (APR) calculations, amortization schedule production, can save you a ton of time, effort and expense when leveraged properly.  License the ZMath Engine and you have a one-time expense for a lifetime solution!  Please feel free to contact us to see how we can help you.